Announcing OpenSpartan Workshop 1.0

February 21, 2024 in OpenSpartan Workshop by Den Delimarsky2 minutes

The first version of OpenSpartan Workshop is officially out.

Hello there! After a long wait, the first release of OpenSpartan Workshop is finally out. You can browse the code and download the first release on GitHub.

πŸš€ Download latest version

Animated GIF of OpenSpartan Workshop 1.0


The current implementation is Windows-only, but I am thinking of best ways of bringing it to other platforms like macOS, iOS, and Android. Maybe even Linux in the not-so-distant feature. This all will come after I significantly stabilize the Windows experience.

This release enables a few things:

  1. 😲 Career stats. At a glance, see what your overall performance is and how far you are from the Hero rank.
  2. πŸ“Š Match stats. You can easily track every single match, along with your performance and, most importantly, the team Matchmaking Rank (MMR).
  3. πŸŽ–οΈ Medal stats. Who doesn’t like to see their top medals. It’s all one-click away with OpenSpartan Workshop.
  4. βš”οΈ Battle pass progress. At a glance, you can view all of the currently active operations and how you progress along the ladder.

Above all, and this is what I am most excited with this tool - all of the data is collected through the Halo Infinite API and stored locally in a SQLite database. This means that you can very quickly analyze it and build any visualizations or reports, just like I did on my blog.

Consider this release a very early beta - there are a lot of unpolished pieces and quite a few stability quirks that I will iron out in the coming months. In the meantime, it is still a great avenue to both collect and track your in-game performance.

Get started

Go to the docs! No, seriously - I am actively working on documenting the end-to-end experience, and will be putting more content in that section of the site, so you can always build a more in-depth understanding of the data and how to use it.

There are more features that will be lighting up soon that I am excited to showcase, but in the meantime - head over to the GitHub repository and download the latest release.

If you have any feedback, such as bug reports or feature requests, open an issue!